About Me

Filmmaker . Director .

For me, filmmaking is a series of creative aspects that when combined, create a textual and visual story. When done right, it creates an experience.

I started my creative journey in 2002 as a photographer in the median of night and studio photography. That lasted until 2007 when I joined the U.S. Army putting a hold on my creative endeavors. After completing five years of service, I again picked up the camera. However, this time, I focused on the cinematic rather than the still arts. I began to make short films, commercials and various video projects that soon became more than a passion but an essential part of my life...a NEED to create.

Today, I focus on three important rules for success: WRITE. FILM. EDIT. Through repetitive practice, determination and persistence I continue to create and hone my art. Finding my voice through these elements, I speak on my life experiences and beliefs through my craft.